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Rachael Harder

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It didn’t take long for Rachael Harder to demonstrate her lively entrepreneurial spirit. Writing a business plan at the age of nine to prove to her parents that she was serious about opening a dog kennel and raising puppies was not an unusual demonstration of knowledge and grit for the middle child who grew up with three brothers and one sister.

Growing up on a small farm near Kathyrn, AB proved to be the perfect setting to inspire the young free-marketer to turn her small kennel into a successful eight year venture that covered the cost of four humanitarian trips and funded her post-secondary education.

Hard work pays off was the first significant life lesson that shaped Rachael’s character

Empathy for animals was only surpassed by Rachael’s empathy for people.

At 14 years of age, Rachael felt compelled to contribute to humanity by volunteering for a seven week trip to the Zulu Mountains in South Africa. While her friends and family were enjoying typical summer vacations, Rachael was promoting health education in small remote African villages.

This would be the first of four humanitarian missions Rachael would participate in before she turned 20. Her international experiences formed in her a passion for justice and a deep-seated desire to empower others.

The joy of serving others was the second significant life lesson that shaped Rachael’s character.

Having seen the face of poverty abroad, Rachael gained a profound sense of gratitude for the vast abundance in Canada. The seed of patriotism was planted as Rachael understood at a young age the significance of democracy, freedom, and good governance.

Love of country was the third significant life lesson that shaped Rachael’s character.

Knowing the value of education, Rachael took ownership of her learning. Graduating from Briercrest College with an Associate of Arts Degree... Learn More